It's a 'perversion of truth.' Children of MLK, ジョンルイスとCTビビアンはジョージア州の投票法を非難する


バーニスA. キング, the daughter of the 改訂. マーティン・ルーサー・キング・ジュニア.; Al Vivian, the son of the 改訂. コーディティンデル “C.T.” Vivian; and John-Miles Lewis, the son of US Rep. ジョンルイス, said corporate leaders failed to live up totheir racial equity commitmentsand disrespected their fatherstireless work.
Rather than sowing seeds to provide democracy the greatest chance to grow today and prevail tomorrow, legislators are attempting to transport us back to the shameful period of American history when mass voter suppression for communities of color was the law of the land,” they wrote in the letter.
      The three of them join numerous groups urging corporations based in the state to take a stance against the new law, which some consider one of the nation’s most restrictive voting laws.
        The law, signed by 共和党知事. ブライアンケンプ last week, imposes new voter identification requirements for absentee ballots, 州の役人が地方選挙委員会を引き継ぐ権限を与える, 投票用紙のドロップボックスの使用を制限し、有権者に食料と水を与えるために列に並んでアプローチすることを犯罪にします. Voting rights groups have said the law would target Black residents and other voters of color in the state.
          The new voter suppression laws are a perversion of truth. Our democracy will be destroyed if we use blunt instruments to appease falsehoods,” they wrote.
          The three children compared the response of Atlanta’scivic and business communityfollowing the passing of Vivian and Lewis last year to the groupsresponse to the Georgia voting law.
          Theybecame vocal champions of equity, diversity, and inclusion,” 手紙は言う.
          Yet, when the first test came challenging our corporations to move from words to action, to stand on behalf of disenfranchised voters, there was shocking silence,” the letter added. “Historically, 企業’ growth and prosperity in Georgia required integration of democracy and free enterprise. The lack of action is not only ethically wrong and morally reprehensible, it hurts the corporate bottom line. Racism is bad for business.
          今週はじめ, several civil rights and voting rights groups filed a lawsuit challenging the voting law.
          The suitfiled by the Georgia NAACP, Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, League of Women Voters of Georgia, GALEO Latino Community Development Fund, Common Cause and the Lower Muskogee Creek Tribeclaims “SB 202 is the culmination of a concerted effort to suppress the participation of Black voters and other voters of color by the Republican State Senate, State House, and Governor.
          This is the second federal lawsuit to challenge the election law.
          The new lawsuit alleges Republican officials included specific changes that target voters of color after the record turnout and Democratic victories in the November 2020 presidential election and two Senate runoffs in January 2021.
            The Georgia law is part of a larger effort by GOP legislators across the countryincluding in the battleground states of Michigan and Arizona — をきっかけに投票アクセスをロールバックする 2020 選挙.
            全国で, according to a February analysis by the liberal leaning Brennan Center for Justice, 少なくとも 253 法案は今年で導入されました 43 投票アクセスを制限する規定のある州議会 — 昨年同時期の請求件数の6倍以上.