Jaguars' potential Tim Tebow usage being speculated as he fights for roster spot

ESPN NFL insider Diana Russini said Thursday morning there was speculation that Meyer could use Tebow similar to the way 新奥尔良圣徒 coach Sean Payton used Taysom Hill德鲁·布雷斯 was the starting quarterback. 爬坡道, who played quarterback at BYU, was put into an everyman position.

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Hill has played on special teams, was used as a wide receiver and running back and started at quarterback in 2020 when Brees was down with an injury.

There are those in the league who think Urban Meyer is bringing Tebow in to play QB at that Taysom Hill role,” she said on ESPN’s Get Up.


Take a look at all his different offenses,” 她补充说. “It actually makes a lot of sense. 所以, 是, he may be on the roster as a tight end, but there may be more to this Tebow experiment than him just playing that position.

Meyer wasn’t keen on tipping his hand when it came to Tebow.

I think it’s one step at a time and see what happens,” he said after camp Thursday afternoon. “Before you start having those conversations, you’ve got to feel where he’s at on the depth chart, 等等. 明显, it’s only been a couple of days. We have not had that conversation as an offensive staff yet.

Tebow has appeared in practice catching footballs and practicing his blocking.

He hasn’t appeared in a regular-season game since 2012 and hasn’t appeared in a training camp since 2015.