Jaguars' Urban Meyers threatens to fire source of leaks after reports of in-house drama: 'That's garbage'

屈辱に続いて 20-0 loss against the テネシータイタンズ 日曜日に, Meyer was asked by reporters during his postgame presser how the ジャクソンビルジャガーズ can fix their season. Instead of answering the question directly, the first-year head coach wanted to address recent reports of in-house drama.


What’s the answer? Start leaking information or some nonsense?” マイヤーは言った, 経由して ESPN. “番号. 番号, that’s nonsense. That’s garbage. I’ve been very blessed. I’ve not really dealt with that. I’ve not dealt with, '上手, did you hear what he said?’ 何? 番号. Let’s improve on offense and get our quarterback in a position to be successful. That’s our focus.

The NFL Network reported Saturday that Meyer has had ongoing issues with both his players and coaches, including an argument with veteran Marvin Jones and calling his assistant coaches losers – both of which he said were “不正確” depictions.

その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください .

Meyer took it one step further, saying if there is a leak behind the reports, they can consider themselves fired if he finds the source.

What someone’s brother said, or someone said someone said, that will occupy very little of my time. And if there is a source, that source is unemployed. というのは, within seconds, if there’s some source that’s doing that.

The Jaguars lost their fifth straight overall, eighth straight in Nashville, ninth consecutive in AFC South play and 15th in a row on the road. Jacksonville has just one winning season in the last 14 年, which could spell trouble for Meyer.