James Carville is not worried about recounts: ‘Beat him twice

James Carville is not worried about recounts: 'Beat him twice'

민주주의 strategist James Carville downplayed the threat of a recount effort by the 지우다 운동, arguing the president would lose anyways.

Beat him twice,” he told MSNBC host Brian Williams on Tuesday.

I’m not satisfied with beating him oncerecount till you drop. I don’t care.He went on to accuse the Trump campaign of contesting the election as afundraising grift.

Carville’s comments came as both sides geared up for litigation as the Trump campaign filed a slew of lawsuits in key swing states. 화요일 저녁, the President-elect Biden’s campaign sent out a fundraising appeal for $ 30 million to bolster itsBiden Fight Fund,” to counter Republicans.


지금까지, the Trump campaign has pushed for recounts in at least two statesGeorgia and Wisconsin. Fox News has called the race for Biden, projecting that he will win Wisconsin while holding off on calling Georgia until more results arrive.

Please recount everything,” Carville said. “It’s always good to go out, you beat somebody, beat them again.

Carville, who helped lead then-Gov. Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, previously predicted aDemocratic wipeout.

I am totally, totally unimpressed by President Trump’s political powers. I have absolutely no fearif we go to post in November with anything close to a level playing field, it’s going to be a Democratic wipeout. People are not going to vote for four more years of this,” he previously told MSNBC.

FOX 뉴스 앱을 받으려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

By Fox Newsestimates, Biden is currently winning the popular vote with roughly five million more votes than the president. In the electoral college, Biden is expected to pick up at least 290 투표, while Georgia and North Carolina have yet to be decided.

While a number of irregularities have been alleged, it’s unlikely that Trump would have enough votes to beat Biden even after recounts. ㅏ 2016 recount in Wisconsin, 예를 들어, increased Trump’s margin of victory over Hillary Clinton by 131 투표. Biden currently leads Trump by 20,540 투표 in Wisconsin.

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