James Corden teases he may leave ‘Late Late Showand move back to UK

James Corden teases he may leave 'Late Late Show' and move back to UK

제임스 코든 is sohomesickhe’s reportedly contemplating moving back to his native England.

The Late Late Showhost admitted that when his contract with CBS is up with August 2022 he will be considering his options.

I have a couple of years to go on this contract. Ending the show will always be a bigger family decision than a professional one,” the Emmy winner told 태양.

It will be about people at home who we miss very, very much, who we are homesick for. I also feel like my wife and I have three young children, and they are three young grandchildren that we’ve taken away from people,” 그가 설명했다.

JAMES CORDEN이 항상 'CARPOOL KARAOKE를 운전하지 않는다는 사실에 충격을받은 팬’

Corden and his wife, Julia, have three kids – son Max, 9, and daughters Carey, 6, and Charlotte, 3.

This probably feels particularly magnified now during the pandemic, but I have an overwhelming feeling that our family has walked to the beat of my drum for a very long time,” the 42-year-old admitted.

James Corden has been hosting 'The Late Late Show' since March 2015.

James Corden has been hosting ‘The Late Late Showsince March 2015. (©CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)

Corden took over hostingLate Latefrom Craig Ferguson in March 2015.

12 월. 24, Corden reflected on not being able to be with his family in the United Kingdom for Christmas.


I’ve never felt the distance from family and friends as much as I’ve felt it this year. Not flying home, not hugging my sisters or watching my folks hug their grandkids. Christmas is different for many of us this year. But I hope so much that you have a good one. All my ! xx” 그가 썼어.

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The actor/comedian rose to fame in the U.K. for his role on “개빈 & Stacey” and most recently appeared in the Netflix movieThe Prom.

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