Japan's failure to recognize same-sex marriage is 'unconstitutional,' court rules

日本法院裁定,禁止同性婚姻是违宪的, 据共同社报道, 一项具有里程碑意义的决定,可能预示着该国婚姻平等的新时代.

It’s the first time that a court has ruled on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage in Japan, the only Group of Seven (G7) country that has not recognized either same-sex civil unions 要么 same-sex marriage.
The case began in 2019, when three couples in Hokkaido prefecture filed a lawsuit claiming 1 million yen (关于 $ 9,160) in damages each for the psychological harm caused by the government not allowing same-sex marriage, Kyodo News reported.
    Japan does not recognize same-sex unions nationwide, although some parts of the country issuepartnership certificatesthat grant some rights benefiting heterosexual couples to same-sex couples.
      Sapporo District Court in Hokkaido ruled Wednesday the government’s lack of recognition for same-sex marriage was in breach of a section of the constitution that requires equal laws for everyone, Kyodo News reported.
        But the court dismissed the couplesclaims for damages, 据该机构.

        The law in Japan

          Homosexuality has been legal in Japan since 1880, and the country is relatively liberal compared with some other Asian nations. 只要 one place in Asia has legalized same-sex marriage台湾.
          Two Tokyo wards passed an ordinance 在 2015 that allowed same-sex couples to getpartnership certificatesgiving them some of the same rights as married heterosexual couples. 自那时候起, dozens of municipalities have passed ordinances unofficially recognizing same-sex relationships.
            But activists say Japan’s LGBTQ community still face prejudice and the country hasn’t yet enacted a national anti-discrimination law that would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination.
            Non-profit Human Rights Watch, along with other LGBTQ organizations, 已经 calling on Japan to adopt an Equality Act ahead of the Tokyo 2021 奥运会.