Japan’s new prime minister vows to host Olympics next year

Japan's new prime minister vows to host Olympics next year

Japan’s new prime minister said Saturday that he’s determined to host the Tokyo Olympic Games next summer as “proof that humanity has defeated the pandemic.”

Die 2020 Games were postponed as the coronavirus spread worldwide, and there’s been widespread doubt about their future.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said in a prerecorded speech at the U.N. General Assembly that he will “spare no effort in order to welcome you to Games that are safe and secure.”


Surveys have shown that a majority of Japanese companies en die public don’t think the Olympics will, or should, happen next year. A poll published in June by Japanese broadcaster NHK said two-thirds of sponsors were undecided about extending for another year.

Keeping domestic borge on board is financially critical, and Japanese leaders have been eager to signal the Gamesviability next year.

Recruited by Japanese advertising agency Dentsu Inc., domestic sponsors have paid a record $ 3.3 billion — at least twice any previous Olympics — to the local organizing committee. That’s on top of a dozen permanent Olympic sponsors who have signed long term with the International Olympic Committee. Some also have individual contracts with Tokyo organizers.

Japanese organizers are saying little, egter, oor hoe 15,400 Olimpiese en Paralimpiese atlete, staff and officials will be safe with no vaccine or treatment for the virus yet available.

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