Jared Goff on Rams turning Los Angeles into Title Town: ‘It’d be good to make that a little three-peat’

Jared Goff on Rams turning Los Angeles into Title Town: 'It'd be good to make that a little three-peat'

Jared Goff knows there’s now pressure on the Los Angeles Rams to continue the recent streak of championships in the city.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers are both coming off recent title wins with the lone outlier, as far as the four major North American sports go, being the Los Angeles Kings. Goff was asked about the Dodgers and Lakers’ titles and whether he believes the Rams could follow suit.


“It’s something that’s really exciting for the city right now. It’d be good to make that a little three-peat with us involved there. It’s definitely something that we’re conscious of, absolutely,” Goff said.

“We’ve got all the pieces. We’re winning games. We are playing well, on offense, defense, special teams. We always believe in ourselves and we’ve been there once with a lot of the same people. We know how to get there. We’ve just got to finish it off and hopefully this is the year.”

Goff said he’s heard from friends about the Rams being next to win a title.


“Well, I mean, that’s the first thing you hear is, alright now it’s your turn,” he said. “We’ve talked as a team about, because these two teams have done it, these two guys have done it, or rather I shouldn’t say as a team, but as a group chat within the team, these two teams have done it and now it’s our turn. It’s something that we’d like to do. Yeah. But asking me about the Super Bowl in Week 8, it’s a little early. We’ve got some games to win and we’re very focused on Miami right now.”

Goff said he’s talked to Cody Bellinger and reached out to Joc Pederson amid their World Series wins.


“I texted Cody and Joc and Cody actually texted me back and like you guys had said, ‘It’s your turn now.’ and I said, ‘Absolutely.’ So, it’s exciting. I mean, I grew up in the Bay Area, so I do have that little still in me, but it’s exciting for the city of L.A. and I’m so happy for those guys to finally get it done,” he said while reminding reporters again that they’re not even half-way through the season just yet.

The Rams will continue their pursuit of a title Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

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