Jarrett: The Supreme Court represents the 'sanity' and 'common sense' world order

GREGG JARRETT: Bene, il Supreme Court represents the sanity and common sense world order, se vorrai. E, sai, Joe Biden, ogni volta che pesa sulla Costituzione, la Corte suprema o lo stato di diritto, he mangles the subject matter, which only underscores that this is a guy who got kicked out of law school. intendo, the sum total of what Biden knows about the law could be written on a yellow Post-it. And I’m talking about the little one. Sai, his latest thing is let’s federalize abortion rights. That’s a fool’s errand for two reasons from a legal standpoint. Remember what the Supreme Court said. Loro hanno detto, we are returning the decision-making to the states. So if Congress were to try to codify it, it would immediately be met with a lawsuit to strike it down, usurping the power of the states. But from a practical standpoint, Joe Biden wants to create this chronic state of whiplash every time a new party takes over Congress in the White House. Essi would reverse the previous decision on abortion. So you’d have this persistent ping pong effect. Guarda, abortion is important. It shouldn’t be treated like a rubber band. Expanded and contracted.


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