Jason Rantz hits 'reality' of defunding law enforcement: 'When you cut the police forces, people die'

杰森·兰茨: Because we’re almost down a third of the Seattle Police Force. 我的意思是, when they decided to lean into the defunding of police, we saw a huge rise in crime. Last year was a 26-year homicide rate record that we hit and this year we are almost certainly going to exceed that. When you cut the police forces, people die and people have to understand that that’s the reality—and that the mayor suddenly is coming out and talking about it. I hope people realize that is telling you how dire the situation is in Seattle. You had within just a 24-hour period, 整个周末, four people get shot to death in just a couple of neighborhoods. There’s a gang violence problem and a lot of the gun violence is coming from homeless encampments—neither of which the police are even allowed to police at this point.
She isn’t necessarily getting pushback but, let me tell you that on Monday, the counsel (or Tuesday), the counsel was ready to reroute $ 14 million from the Seattle Police Department budget. 所以, they’re moving forward and continuing to defund. 让我告诉你一件事, a few hours 前, at the King County 法院大楼, there was someone who was attacked, who was seven months pregnant, by we believe a homeless person who was living across the street encampment that the police are not allowed to clean up. So we are having these attacks every single day.