Jay-Z, Jeff Bezos linked to potential ownership of Broncos

The outlet reports that Pat Bowlen — who purchased the Broncos for $ 78 백만 1984 — died in June 2019, exposing a struggle for the future of the franchise among some of his seven daughters, including a lawsuit brought by two of them that was dismissed in July.

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While the team is currently not for sale, sources tell Front Office Sports the family’s differences, combined with the purchase price — expected to be around $ 4 billion — will likely lead to a sale.

Two names that keep popping up as potential new NFL team owners are Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and rapper Jay-Z, although it wouldn’t be a collaborative effort.

Front Office Sports reports that a rep for the world’s richest man previously held talks for a 40% stake in the Washington Football Team. A source with knowledge of the situation told FOS that Bezos remains interested in NFL ownership.

Hip-hop’s first billionaire would need partners to purchase the Broncos, 아울렛 보고서. Forbes estimated his net worth at around $ 1.4 billion after the sale of champagne brand Armand de Brignac — he owned 50% when it was acquired by LVMH for $ 650 million in March.

Sports attorney Richard Roth 말했다 there will be no shortage of suitors because NFL ownership isdefinitely a status symbolfor the super-rich and because of how quickly franchises can significantly increase in value.

그러나, there is always a chance Bowlen’s descendants could keep it in the family.

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