Jeanine Pirro: Biden is infringing more and more on Americans' freedoms

JUDGE JEANINE: Every day in this country the government under Joe Biden or whoever is running the joint infringes more and more on our freedom, pushing Americans closer and closer to the edge. The latest, the attorney general of the United States instructing the Department of Justice and the FBI to address threats against school boards and teachers over masks and critical race theory saying those threats should be discouraged and prosecuted. It reads constitutional protections don’t extend to efforts to intimidate individuals over their views. The Constitution protects action and speech where individuals seek a redress of their grievance. not you AG attempts to remove that constitutional right if you are a parent concerned about now your child is being taught. It’s okay to follow a U.S. senator into a bathroom and threat onto take her out of office. It’s okay for Black Lives Matter rioters to intimidate and burn down our businesses. But mama, don’t think about objecting to the ideological racial hatred being hoisted on their own children.


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