Jeanine Pirro rips new DHS 'disinfo board': Quicker than Ukraine got weapons, more organized than Afghan exit

Pirro and co-host Greg Gutfeld remarked its inception must be just a coincidence, given the approaching midterm elections and Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase.



Pirro (Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty)

DHS tapped Nina Jankowicz, a “disinformation fellow” at the Woodrow Wilson Center according to the New York Post, who previously expressed doubt over the veracity of that newspaper’s Hunter Biden laptop bombshell.

On “The Five,” Pirro said the board was created very quickly after Democratic figures like Barack Obama called for stringent content moderation:

“Isn’t it amazing how fast they got this disinformation group together? – given how long it took them to get weapons to Ukraine… or how disorganized they were in getting out of Afghanistan.”

Pirro and the panel noted Mayorkas was grilled on the matter in House hearings this week:


Musk (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, questioned Mayorkas on Thursday on the appointment of Jankowicz – citing her comments regarding the laptop and Steele dossier – as well as a DHS claim the board will combat “misleading narratives that undermine trust in government.”

Jordan pressed further, asking if the board will therefore analyze such “narratives” as CDC Director Rochelle Walensky previously claiming vaccinated people cannot contract coronavirus, or “the smartest man on the planet” – a reference to Anthony Fauci – insisting the microbe didn’t originate in a Chinese lab.

Later, Pirro went on to say the American people have been lied to “repeatedly” by federal officials who suddenly want a disinformation arbiter.



Mayorkas (AP)

“We’ve suffered under their thumb for four years of Russian collusion delusion, along with the Hunter Biden laptop being [derided as] Russian disinformation,” she said.

“The only thing they want is to be able to control what we say … and what we think.”

She added that there is already “palpable…hatred” from the left toward free-speech advocates like Musk, pointing to left-wing MSNBC host Joy Reid claiming the South African immigrant misses the Apartheid system.

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