Jennifer Garner is proud to 'look like a woman who's had three babies'

Jennifer Garner says she embraces her body changed after giving birth to three children.

ザ・ “Yes Day appeared on theHappy Mum, Happy Baby ポッドキャスト, where she told host Giovanna Fletcher that despite what people may think, she doesn’t have abounce back” それ.
There are some incredible women whose bodies just, no matter how many babies they have, they bounce right back to that slim-hipped, no stomach,” Garner said. “It’s incredible. I have so many girlfriends who have that physique, and I’m so happy for them. I am not one of them. That is not my gig.
    Garner, who shares daughters Violet, 15, Seraphina,12, and son, サミュエル, 9, with ex-husband Ben Affleck said that for the rest of her life she will look like a woman who’s had kids and doesn’t mind it one bit.
      I can work really hard, and I can be really fit and I will still look like a woman who’s had three babies, and I always will,” 彼女は言いました.
          She also addressed the constant pregnancy rumors surrounding her, saying that she’s definitely not.
          It’s still happening. 私は 48, and I’m single. And it’s still happening, so you might as well take that bull by the horns,” 彼女は言いました, 追加する, “It’s just a body. Be grateful to it. It carried you this far. It carried babies for you. What else do you want? My goodness.