Jennifer Lawrence's family farm loses barn in fire

Part of Jennifer Lawrence’s family farm in Kentucky, 它也经营一个夏令营, 周末被大火烧毁, 根据营地的一份声明.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we confirm the news that we lost our barn last night in a horrible fire. 我们非常感谢没有任何人或动物受到伤害, 但我们仍在哀悼这些墙壁上多年的辛勤工作和记忆的丧失,” Camp Hi-Ho wrote in a statement posted to 脸书. “Words cannot describe the pain we are in, 但是我们非常感谢辛普森维尔消防局和响应我们紧急情况的所有其他消防员. You are true heroes.
According to local WYKL News, 30 firefighters and six trucks were called to the scene on Friday evening.
The camp is owned and directed by Lawrence’s brother, Blaine.
    We know Camp Hi-Ho is a special place to so many, and we plan to rebuild and repair so that we can move forward with a safe and joyful camp experience this summer,” 声明总结.