Jesse Watters asks how Biden's behavior changed following his COVID-19 diagnosis

JESSE WATTERS: Fallon’s jokes about Biden’s staff wanting him to isolate until 2025 그들 안에 약간의 진실이 있다. Politico is reporting that Biden is driving officials across the administration a little nuts with what they say is a pattern of indecisiveness. 그래서, does Joe have anything left in his tank? Can the man get off the mat and rally? “프라임 타임” can confidently report that Joe Biden is not only a survivor, but has never looked better.


Democrats might want to rethinkOperation Joe Must Gobecause a Biden that stays in his basement is a dangerous Biden. It seems like being sick actually agrees with them. I haven’t seen him this cocky and comfortable since the campaign. They gave the president a really fancy Zoom screen so he can do all of his events remotely, 알 잖아, just like he did when he was running for president. It only cost about $ 7,000, but it’s been worth it.

The man’s been doing event after event after event, and Biden’s been tweeting more than Trump used to, 알 잖아, to make sure everybody knows how productive he’s being, and we’re very proud of him. He’s been posting all kinds of pictures of him posing while taking very important phone calls. He’s been making sure to post shots of him signing the Formula Act into law, of him taking meetings with CEOs and his best friend, his dog Commander — look at him hard at work.

If you didn’t know it, you’d think Joe is the actual president. 내말은, 그는, but not really. While Joe is playing with his dog, ㅏ 백악관 staffer tweeted, “You can’t be pro-police and pro-insurrection.That’s actually a pretty good line. It only took a year-and-a-half to think of it, but maybe that’s what Joe Biden needed. He just needed to be back by himself — inside, quarantined like he was right at the height of the pandemic. That’s when Joe’s at his best — alone, not going anywhere and being totally controlled by handlers.

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