Jesse Watters blasts liberal media for pushing lies in 2020 to help Biden win the election

ジェシー・ワターズ: Did you ever date somebody for a while, and after you break up, you realize the whole relationship was fake? Everything she told you was bull? All your big moments were meaningless? それは 2020. We got catfished last year. All the lies were designed to install Biden. The media actually broke itself dragging Joe across the finish line. The press died from all the lies. That’s one of the side-effects of Trump derangement syndrome. Now that Biden’s been installed, the truth is finally coming out. It has a way of doing that. And it’s stunning.

The doctor now under fire for lying about funding the Wuhan lab. Fauci rallied scientists to dismiss the lab leak theory while he was scrambling behind the scenes to wipe his fingerprints from it. But don’t you dare criticize Fauci—who was wrong on masks, 機能の獲得, 封鎖, and Hydroxychloroquine. He doesn’t take criticism well.

This is what liberals do when they face fair criticism. They assume a grand identity that can’t be attacked. This is an attack on women, this is an attack on Blacks, this is an attack on the media, an attack on science. 番号, no-no. It’s not an attack—it’s a criticism of just you. Deal with it like a man…

The astonishing thing about all of this is that the media will confess their sins. Deep down they’re ashamed of their dishonesty—only a sociopath wouldn’t be.

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