Jesse Watters calls for an audit of the FBI

ジェシー・ワターズ: ザ・ [FBI] has been corrupt for decades. J. Edgar Hoover cut deals with the Kennedys, the mob, they spied on politicians, tried to throw elections, we know that. でも今週は, we heard something even more disgraceful. 我ら. gymnasts testifying in front of the Senate, blasting the bureau for covering up the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal. 覚えておいてください, Nassar was the USA Gymnastics doctor who sexually abused hundreds of gymnasts? Hundreds. 今週, these ladies ripped the FBI for ignoring their reports for months, even years. Then lying to cover it up.

Watters’ World doesn’t want to hear any more apologies, no more suspensions without pay. We need to audit the FBI, and clean house. You can’t trust them. It’s failed us, failed innocent women and children. Cost lives and livelihoods and nobody pays a price. It’s the most incompetent and corrupt part of the entire government, and that says a lot.

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