Jesse Watters: Democrats have mismanaged everything

JESSE WATTERS: Joe Biden’s been dismantling America ever since he took office. We’ve been reporting on it extensively. The Democrats seem to believe that Uncle Joe is doing a great job until now. A new survey out shows even members of the president’s own party are losing faith in this self-describedhealer in chief.Since April, Democrat’s approval rating for Biden’s economic agenda plummeted 12 punti. And the same can be said for just about every other issue.

Approving for his handling of racial inequality, taxation, immigrazione, COVID, gun violence have all dropped. It looks like they aren’t buying Biden’s bag of excuses for why nearly everything in the country is falling apart. Immigration…Kamala is taking care of that. High taxes…everybody needs to just pay their fair share. Crime…get ready. It’s the Republican’s fault.


TED CRUZ: I will say it’s been dramatic just how quickly Joe Biden and Kamala Harris lurched to the left, intendo, almost from the opening day of the administration, they made the decision to hand control of the Democratic Party over to the radical extreme. And so the policy agenda is being driven by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and AOC. And we’re seeing an absolute disaster on every front. You went through on crime. Sai, when the radicals who advocate abolishing the police become two of the senior officials in the Biden Department of Justice that shows they’ve given in to the crazy left.

On the border, when you hand control of border control policy over to the radicals who want open borders and don’t want the laws enforced, you create a border crisis that puts us on a path to have over two million people cross illegally. And this year and when you propose seven trillion dollars of new spending, trillions of dollars of new taxes and new regulations that kill small businesses and kill jobs, bene, the American people start to notice this.


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