Jesse Watters: Democrats will stoke 'abortion rage' this summer

JESSE WATTERS: The White House gave license to this [protests at Justices’ homes]. Remember last week they didn’t really condemn it, and now you see it’s gone full-blown crazy. I think [Justice Samuel] Alito had to leave his house. He’s at an undisclosed location. This is from the same crowd that bailed out the rioters. This is from mad Maxine Waters who said to get up in people’s faces. Pelosi didn’t condemn this, she gave license to it. So they’re going to turn the midterms into a referendum on Roe and that’s fine because they have nothing else they’ve accomplished. The media will bang this drum because they don’t want to cover crime, the border or inflation. They have to do this, it has to be a culture war. Just like the rage they [Democrats] stoked over race in the summer of 2020, they are going to stoke the abortion rage this summer. It’s going to be rage versus reason. Abortion is sacred to the left. What that means is this is a religious situation. This is a religious war to the left. Nothing means more to them than this abortion situation. 


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