Jesse Watters' 'How I Saved the World' hits retailer to the delight of his most liberal fan: ‘My mother cried’

My mother cried,” Watters said. “My mother is from a very academic background, she has her doctorate, she has been in education her whole life … she’s very proud that I was able to write a book without any grammatical errors and have it published.

Watters regularly reads texts from his liberal mother on “다섯,” and she isn’t always happy with her son’s presentation, commentary or ideology. Watters said he typically doesn’t respond to his mother’sangry creedsbecause she fires them off so fast and furiously, but he finally took the time to address her specific criticisms in the book.

Jesse Watters’ "How I Saved the World" hit retailers on Tuesday.

Jesse Watters’How I Saved the Worldhit retailers on Tuesday.

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