Jesse Watters: Joe Biden has proven himself 'defective' and the media are 'pulling him off the shelves'

Op Dinsdag, the host honored his pledge, offering a fresh take on the country’s dissatisfaction with President Biden and the media’s role in deliberately misrepresenting him to the American people with colorful analogies in typical Watters fashion.

(Jesse Watters of “Watters’ Wêreld” en “Die Vyf” debuts new show; AP)

Most of you women watching have been on a blind date,” Watters began. “You know what it’s like, your friends get you all excited about this mystery guy. They talk him up, tell you is he funny smart handsome and interesting…then you show up. And instead of sitting down for dinner with John Stamos you realize you are eating with Michael Moore…and somewhere in between your salad and steak you realize you have made a terrible mistake.

“Nou, that’s essentially what happened to America with Joe Biden,” Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak. “The media spent the last few years serving as Biden’s hype man, promising us he’s a moderate, that he’s a great union fighter bring the country back together. Confident and calm. They insisted we were the perfect match because Joe was blue-collar Biden, America always loves a working-class hero. So the media turned Joe into one.