Jesse Watters enumera las muchas crisis que enfrenta Joe Biden, who is in 'fantasy land'

JESSE AGUAS: Inflación, crisis de rehenes, crisis fronteriza, precios del gas, estantes vacíos, cadenas de suministro atrasadas, escasez de mano de obra, alto crimen, pandemia, Misiles chinos y una agenda estancada. If a presidency has three of these things, it’s in deep trouble. The Biden presidency is facing all of these things at the same time. Alarm bells should be going off right now, but not in Biden’s fantasy land. Problems are really progress, todo está bien, and Joe Biden is totally fine.


Biden got elected on the promise he’d return things to normal. But life in America isn’t normal. This is now the new normal. Masks and mandates are here to stay. You can’t hire, can’t fly, can’t shop. The White House thinks it’s just a joke.


Don’t you guys get it? It’s not Biden’s fault. It’s our fault for expecting to have Christmas presents for Christmas, turkeys for Thanksgiving, toilet paper for tomorrow. It’s like when Jimmy Carter told us to wear sweaters when home heating bills were sky-high. This is the new normal here, tipo. Get used to it, peasant. We’re making progress, and nothing is going to cost a thing.


It’s very clear why Biden’s poll numbers are tanking. The last two polls have him at 37% aprobación. He’s in a death spiral because people think he’s out of touch, an incompetent liar who’s making their lives more difficult and more expensive. And don’t you dare disagree with the Biden agenda, they’ll send the feds after you.





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