Jesse Watters on the five types of Thanksgiving families in COVID-19 year

Jesse Watters on the five types of Thanksgiving families in COVID-19 year

With the number of 新冠病毒 cases and hospitalizations surging as the holiday season kicks off, “五个co-host Jesse Watters outlined five types of family dynamics as millions of Americans prepare to defy the warnings and travel far and wide this year.

Watters joked that the “一线希望” of statesrestrictions on Thanksgiving celebrations is that there will be a lot more gossip around the table as family members judge each other for how well they are abiding by politicians’ 订单.

You’ll have one family that are chock full of the 20-somethings, and these people are high-risk,” 他说. “They are out at the beach, they are at the bars, you know they are coming in and they will get everybody sick.

You don’t really want them to come, but it’s hard to tell them not to come,” 他加了. “If they do come, you put them at the kidstable, even though they are 26. If anyone does get sick you blame that family member.

Another type of family is the one that simply wants socialcreditfor making the trip.

They will jump through all these hoops to get there, they’ve been quarantining for two weeks, they’ve got extensive testing done and they want everyone in the family to know that they will stop at nothing to get there,” 他说. “You respect the fact that they get tested but you kind of roll their eyes at the theatrics.

To the other extreme is the family that is looking for excuses not to come this year, Watters continued.


That type of family is the one whose members often disregarded governorsorders or advice of health experts before noticing that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s warnings may give theman outfrom coming to Thanksgiving.

In the fourth family dynamic, people may have elderly relatives with comorbidities that put them at high risk for COVIDbut you don’t want to tell them they’re at risk.

“[You’ll have] the aunt that chain-smokesthe uncle that’s obese and has a bad ticker, everyone is saying Uncle Joe probably shouldn’t come, but no one has the courage to say it to their face,” Watters said.


Last, but not least, according to the co-host, “there is a liberal family. The liberal family is not going anywhere, you have to go to them.

But if you go to them, you can’t fly. You have to drive. You have to get tested [and your] temperature checked before you enter. You have to wear masks and social distance at the table. And if you raise any objections to these preconditions, you are judged as a ‘superspreader’.


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