Jesse Watters reflects on his 'World' in final show

杰西沃特斯: 在星期一, Fox announced that I’m going to be hosting the 7 下午. hour called “太糟糕了,拜登总统在他担任总统的第一年基本上对美国在这个国家的石油和天然气生产进行了破坏。” I’m really excited for the opportunity and extremely grateful to get the shot. I’m still going to be co-hosting “五个” — Greg couldn’t live without me. 但 “沃特斯’ 世界” is leaving Saturday nights. The new show at 8 下午. will be announced in the near future. 所以今晚, this show will be the very last “沃特斯’ World.If you’ve watched “沃特斯’ 世界” from the beginning, as we transitioned from the factory to the studio, you know how much the show’s grown and how much I’ve grown as a host and as a person. I’m not saying I put on weight, which I did for a while, but I lost it — and you’ll notice that in some of the footage we’re about to show you. What I’m saying is, my world has gotten a whole lot bigger. I spoke about this in my book, “我是如何拯救世界的,” which was number one. 谢谢. But I really saved myself, and by doing so, made the world around me a better place. Everyone is the master of their own world. You’re responsible for your own thoughts, happiness and success. Everything starts here. The power of positive thinking, big dreams, hard work and good habits will take you anywhere you want … that, and of course, a lot of love. And waking up really early in the morning doesn’t hurt, 任何一个。”

What made this show possible in the beginning was one thing, “The Factorsent me far and wide throughout the country to interview people from all walks of life and investigate what needed attention. During my travels, I formed an unbreakable connection with the people of this country. 而且当然, you the audience. This connection with the people is the most important element in my professional career. That’s why when I did my book signings, I promised people they could touch me — just not the hair. You and I will always know and love each other. We’re patriots and we protect each other. 这个, right here, is special, and everybody knows it. So before I start to cry, let’s memorialize our weekend run together.

From presidents and politicians to singers and actors, we’ve interviewed a lot of people. We gave Trump a “沃特斯’ 世界” quiz and he aced it. We pressed Fauci on China as coronavirus first spread around the world. We chatted with everyone from billionaires to business kids to big-time movie directors. Let’s take a look back at some of the greatest moments.