Jesse Watters to Fauci: Coronavirus escaped from a lab funded by you

JESSE WATTERS: We are not going to point fingers and say, “Sien, I told you so,” because we’re humble and that’s what people think of when they think of Jesse Watters, humility, which is something that is hopefully a side effect for whatever variant you have, Dr. Fauci, because now might be the time to come clean about the origins of COVID-19.


We know for a fact it escaped from a lab, a lab that was funded by you, Dr. Fauci, and the lab where a bat lady worked, the doctor who collaborated with American scientists, your own peers.

So, while you’re quarantining, riddled with a guilty conscience about your fingerprints being all over the sloppy Wuhan lab and your fingerprints being all over these horrific lockdowns, which didn’t make a damn bit of difference, according to Johns Hopkins. Think about what you want to say to us when you recover, because you’ve said a lot already and this is the only thing America really wants to hear from you about at this point, but listen, Fauci, don’t beat yourself up. This was bound to happen.

As someone once said, “You have to learn to live with the virus.At least this will make a great last chapter in your book.




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