Jesse Watters: Trump killed terrorists, Joe Biden takes orders from them

Watters said the major difference between Biden and Donald Trump’s foreign policy approaches was the former president’s ability to assert dominance while the current commander in chief appears to cower to the threat of terrorism.

He’s thanking the Taliban for letting Americans get to the airport; Americans are getting beaten on the way to the airport,” beklemtoon hy. “I don’t see how this shakes out right now. ek bedoel, say what you want about Trump, at least Trump killed terrorists. Joe Biden takes orders from terrorists.


Watters suggested Biden’s mangled exit strategy will continue to burden him and the rest of the U.S. for the remainder of his presidency.

Joe Biden chose a hostage crisis,” hy het gesê. “He thought that that was the best option. He said we’re not going to extend the deadline. He says we’re not going to do search and rescue. So this is going to dog Joe Biden for the rest of his term. Jimmy Carter only had a year of a hostage crisis. Joe Biden’s going to have three years of a hostage crisis. I don’t see how he survives this.

According to Watters, Biden’s withdrawal is the costliest militaryblunderin history and in terms oftactical humiliationranks high with some of history’s largest disasters, including Pearl Harbor.

And now he’s kind of blaming the Americans that are still there for not getting rescued,” hy het gesê. “[Biden says] we’re going to bring back everybody that wants to leave. Who wants to stay?”

Co-host Dana Perino chimed in to mention the administration’s frustration with negative media coverage of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. Intussen, both the U.S. and the U.K. held special sessions on Tuesday, where the British discussed safely extracting their citizens from Afghanistan and the U.S. negotiated unrelated budget spending.

Afghanistan was just an afterthought,” Perino gesê.

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