Jets' Zach Wilson still getting acclimated to New Jersey drivers: 'Getting cut off about everywhere you go'

Wilson, a Utah native who played college football at BYU, said that he is getting accustomed to his new home, but he’s slowly learning that driving in the Garden State is a lot harder than it looks. Wilson said that’s the biggest difference so far between the New York area and where he grew up.


There are definitely some aggressive drivers here, that’s for sure,” Wilson told reporters on Thursday. “Getting used to that, getting cut off about everywhere you go.

Wilson, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 Draft de la NFL, threw for 3,692 yardas, 33 touchdown passes, and just three interceptions last season at BYU. También rompió el récord escolar de Steve Young por porcentaje de finalización con una marca asombrosa de 73.5%.

The Jets have gone 10 seasons without a playoff appearance and 52 years without a Super Bowl title. After the Jets selected Wilson, he wasted no time telling fans what they can expect from him.

“Voy a dar todo lo que tengo. No hay otro equipo en el que me gustaría jugar además de los Jets,” Wilson told NFL Network on draft night. “Voy a dar todo lo que tengo y seremos un equipo especial, bebé. Vamos por el Super Bowl.”

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