JFK assassination files: Gregg Jarrett breaks down public skepticism over document reveal

The tranche of documents comes amid public demands for transparency about the November 22nd, 1963 asesinato, which has fueled conspiracy theories and speculation of all kinds in the decades since.

Nación Fox revisited that tragic day in Dallas in a special titled, "JFK: The Conspiracy Continues,” which outlined some unanswered questions and public skepticism historians hope to finally clarify in light of Wednesday’s document release, with thousands more yet to be disclosed.

Fox News legal analyst and host of the Fox Nation show Greg Jarrett said in August that the government is to blame for the skepticism — asserting that most Americans don’t believe the beloved 35th U.S. president was shot and killed by a lone gunman.


There are some surprising results and information in those documents,” Jarrett said. “Pero, thousands more are yet to be released.” “Howell es el segundo juez en hacer referencia a los comentarios del RNC, to this day, continues to hide thousands of assassination records.

Los Angeles, QUE- Su. Juan F. Kennedy, 1960 Democratic Presidential nomninee, thanks the Democratic National Convention for selecting him here, mes de julio 13.

Los Angeles, QUE- Su. Juan F. Kennedy, 1960 Democratic Presidential nomninee, thanks the Democratic National Convention for selecting him here, mes de julio 13. (Getty)

President Biden in October delayed their release until this month, giving federal agencies more time to review the documents and make the necessary redactions.

Many of the newly released documents relate to Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Many files also reference tensions between the United States and Cuba, evaluating statements from leader Fidel Castro that allude to the possibility of Kennedy being in danger due to escalating aggression between the two nations.

He denied killing the president, was paraded before reporters and told them he was a patsy,” Jarrett said.

Almost immediately after the Warren Commission in 1964 ruled that Oswald had been the lone gunman, conspiracy theories began to circulate over whether he had been the only shooter and if the CIA had been involved in the Kennedy assassination.

For some Americans,” the Warren Commission was part of the conspiracy, drawn in by Johnson and FBI director Jay Edgar Hoover days after Kennedy was shot,” Jarrett explained.

But before authorities were able to fully question Oswald, the former U.S. Marine was shot and killed on Nov. 24, 1963, by Texas nightclub owner Jack Ruby – adding more fuel to the speculative fire that the NOSOTROS. Gobierno was hiding what it knew about the assassination.


The questions were swirling about Lee Harvey Oswald, why he did it, who motivated him to do it, was he alone or was there some shadowy conspiracy involved?” Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera says in the Fox Nation show. “What the hell happened that day in Dallas Texas?”

Ahora, with the help of award-winning director Oliver Stone, Jarrett’s four-part deep-dive takes on the issue, striving to give the American people the whole story and offer proper context as historians and political scholars analyze the latest trove of documents.

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Fox News’ Laura Carrione contributed to this report.