Jim Breslo: Beyond the California recall – 2 things to watch after Newsom's big win

Recall supporters should have known that California is no longer the state of Ronald Reagan, Pete Wilson or even Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

Democrats now outnumber Republicans 2-1 in the state and hold every statewide office, supermajorities in both houses, every big city mayoral position, and every city council seat in L.A. and San Francisco.   


As a result, California has been turned into the epicenter of the green new deal, equity and woke capitalism. 

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They implemented mail-in balloting, whereby a live ballot is mailed to every registered voter, whether requested or not. Simultaneously, they built a political machine of operatives and volunteers to “harvest” ballots by going door to door in Democrat neighborhoods to assist with voting and collect ballots, a practice illegal in over 20 states.   

And they have successfully branded Republicans as racist, QAnon supporters, causing most California Republicans to keep their views to themselves, afraid to display a lawn sign or bumper sticker for fear of being canceled. The Democrat playbook is so one-note in this regard that even when faced with an African American opponent, Larry Elder, they still label him a “White supremacist,” and it works!  

Newsom’s margin of victory was so significant that he now appears to be a shoo-in for reelection next year, and thus will run the show for another five-plus years. 

What’s next for Californians not on board with the socialist takeover of the state?

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