Jim Carrey sta prendendo una pausa dal pubblicare la sua arte politica

Jim Carrey è un pittore, cartoonist and sketcher in his spare time, usando i medium negli ultimi due anni per parlare contro l'amministrazione Trump.

The actor says he’s now taking a break from posting the political messages, explaining that he’s taking some time to breathe after crossingan ocean of outrage.
Hey folksfor the past 4yrs, among other commitments, I put considerable effort into this collection of political protest cartoons. It truly feels as though you and I have crossed an ocean of outrage together, but something tells me it’s time to rest my social media gavel and reclaim a little neurological bandwidth,” he captioned a cartoon of himself standing in a doorway with his arms outstretched. Carrey titled it: “… in case I don’t see ya…” a nod toThe Truman Show.
Lui continuò: “If it seemed like I was ignoring my main Twitter followers here and outside the US and Canada in my quest to rid our democracy of ‘Orange Julius Caesarand his Empire of Lies, it was not my intention. I just assumed that a radicalized America is a threat to us all. When a madman grabs the wheel of the bus loaded with innocent passengers and threatens to drive it off a cliff, it tends to steal everyone’s focus.
    Most recently Carrey portrayed President Biden on “Saturday Night Live,” ma hasn’t continued the role.
    He signed off the latest post by thanking his fans, la scrittura, “Thank You All kindly for your patience, your support, your humor, and your b.e.a.utiful fanart.

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