Jimmy Fallon responds to backlash over Addison Rae TikTok dance segment

Jimmy Fallon has addressed 논쟁 over a recent segment on “투나잇 쇼” with TikTok star Addison Rae.

The show received criticism for not giving credit to the mostly Black creators of the dances Rae and Fallon performed together in an episode on March 26.
On our last show before break, we did a bit with Addison Rae where she taught me eight viral TikTok dances,” Fallon said. “지금, we recognize that the creators of those dances deserve to have their own spotlight. So right now, some of the creators will join me to talk about how their dance went viral and then perform the dance themselves.
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    Fallon spoke with dancers Mya Nicole Johnson and Chris Cotter, who createdUp,” Dorien Scott ofCorvette Corvette” 명성, Fur-Quan Powell and Camyra Franklin ofLaffy Taffy,” Adam Snyder, Nate Nale and Greg Dahl from “눈부신 빛,” and Keara Wilson, who choreographed moves toSavage.
      Rae shared the segment on Instagram.
        So happy these creators were able to be highlighted,” 그녀가 적었다. “I hope we can all dance soon. Show them love!”

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