'Job done': Belgium hammers Armenia 19-0 in Women's World Cup qualifying to set team record

Belgium obliterated Armenia 19-0 on Thursday night in their Women’s World Cup qualifying botsing.

Captain Tessa Wullaert scored five times, while Amber Tysiak and Tine De Caigny albei netted hat-tricks.
Janice Cayman, Hannah Eurlings and Jarne Teulings scored twice each and goals for Justine Vanhaevermaet and Sarah Wijnants voltooi the rout in Leuven.
    The 19-goal margin smashed the team’s previous goals record of 12-0 set against Moldova in September 2017.
      The official Twitter account of the Red Flames gevier the emphatic victory with a simple tweet: “Job done.
        Belgium’s heavy winning margin was not a record though; there are four occasions where a team has won by a 21-goal margin.
        In 1997, in its first international match, Guam lost 21-0 to Japan. In 1998, Canada beat Puerto Rico 21-0 in Toronto in the 1998 CONCACAF Women’s Championship.
          And in Oceania’s Women’s Championship tournament in 1998, New Zealand beat Samoaits first internationaland Australia smashed American Samoa, both with a score of 21-0.
          Extraordinarily, Belgium had raced into a 10-goal lead after just 34 minutes against Armenia. By halftime, the lead was 11-0, a lead the official team website beskryf as “solid.
          België's Wullaert and Armenia's Karine Yeghyan pictured in action.

          It took the team just five minutes after halftime to equal the team’s previous record, with Wullaert finishing between four defenders.
          The scoring rate slowed down somewhat afterwards, with WullaertBelgium’s all-time top scorerscoring her fifth in the 92nd minute only for Teulings to wrap up the victory two minutes later.
          A true monster score,” the Belgium team website geroep the win, which bolsters the team’s hopes of qualifying after a disappointing 4-0 defeat to Norway in their last match.
            Belgium now sits in third, three points behind Norway, and will face Polandwho sit second, one point ahead of Belgiumnext time out.
            It wasn’t the only game that was packed with goals, as Spain beat the Faroe Islands 12-0 and Northern Ireland won 11-0 away at North Macedonia.

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