Joe Biden's brother-in-law asked Hunter Biden to help him secure a business license in China, 电子邮件显示

欧文斯, who goes by Jack, emailed Hunter Biden on May 9, 2014, informing him that his companies, MediGuide America and MediGuide Insurance Services International (MISI), reached aserious stagein negotiations with a China-based insurance company, but said he won’t be able toseal this dealwithout aChinese Business License.

Time pressures are very tight, plus the fact that we do not yet have one has caused a slight credibility bump in the company’s mind. This all translates into a need for a Business License, and one secured very quickly,” Owens wrote. “While this might seem to be a mundane task, I have come to understand that matters such as a Business License can end up taking an inordinate amount of time…..time we just do not have.