Joe Clark, the baseball bat-wielding principal who inspired the movie 'Lean on Me,' dies at age 82

Joe Louis Clark, the hard-charging high school principal who inspired the movieLean on Me,” is oorlede op die ouderdom van 82, his family said in a statement Tuesday.

Clark was the principal of Eastside High School in Patterson, New Jersey, and his efforts to improve standards at the school earned him national attention. Clark’s approach was heavy on discipline. As the family statement noted, he expelled 300 students forfighting, vandalisme, abusing teachers, and drug possessionin one day.
Roaming the hallways with a bullhorn and a baseball bat, Clark’s unorthodox methods won him both admirers and critics nationwide,” lui die verklaring.
He appeared on the cover of Tydskrif in 1988 and the movie, Lean on Me,” starring Morgan Freeman was released in 1989. Clark also publish a book, “Laying Down the Lawabout his educational strategy at the Patterson high school.
    Clark was a longtime resident of South Orange, New Jersey, but he moved to retire in Gainesville, Florida, het die gesin gesê.
    Clark was at home and surrounded by his family when he succumbed to his long battle with illness on Tuesday, lui die verklaring. The family did not specify the illness.

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