Joe Concha rips Biden: The president runs from reporters at a time when accountability is demanded

乔·孔查: So the British prime minister needs to ask permission from Ms. Psaki and the president’s chief handlers around taking questions? And again, why is the press secretary telling our president he should not answer questions about, 说, 我不知道, the drone strike that killed 10 平民, including seven children, about getting ahead of his FDA and the scientists on booster shots, or why he hasn’t visited the border as president, where it’s clearly a crisis? And it’s why, 伙计们, CBS and YouGov had a poll out recently that found a majority of Americans don’t believe that Biden is, and this is their words, 胜任的, focused or effective enough to be president.


And it’s extremely difficult to reverse those perceptions, especially when you have a president that runs from reporters at a time when accountability for his decisions is demanded. And you look at Gallup yesterday had a poll out. He has dropped 18 points in the span of three months among independents – 你懂, the people that decide elections. So this is a free fall like we’ve never seen before. And the president more than ever needs more than his press secretary selling his agenda on trillions in new spending or on police reform or on voting rights. He needs to do it and answer the hard questions from the Peter Doocys and the Jacqui Henrichs of the world in the process. And if he thinks he could govern the way he campaigned by hiding, he will fail. And the numbers show that he is failing in the amount of time it takes to complete a hockey season just nine months in.