Joe Concha rips 'Big Guy' Joe Biden for downplaying inflation fears on 'sham' network CNN's town hall

He’s the big guy in the Oval Office, according to everyone from Hunter Biden’s former business partner 토니 보불 린스키 ...에 CNN town hall moderator Don Lemon.

But to small businesses and particularly the restaurant business, President Joe Biden is not the big guy who has their backs, but rather a big problem.

One exchange of note at the sparsely attended CNN Town Hall on Tuesday night occurred between a prominent co-founder of a respected Ohio restaurant group named John Lanni and the president of the United States on the labor shortage crippling the industry.


Instead of ten cents you’re paying twenty — you understand what I’m saying. It relates to what is in fact now needed because we’re growing,” 바이든이 말했다.

I don’t know anybody, including Larry Summers, who’s a friend of mine, who’s worried about inflation, is suggesting that there’s any long-term march here if we do the things we’re going to do,” the president added.

의견 뉴스 레터를 받으려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

If only restaurants, who took it on the chin more than any other industry during COVID, paid their workers more, then they wouldn’t have this problem. Funny how restaurants didn’t have this hiring issue before the government paid people not to work.

물론이야, after the sham that was the CNN Town Hall, they ran this headline.

네. Tough economic love. Might as well be a White House press release because this stuff from an alleged news network is tough all right … Tough not to laugh at.

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