Joe Concha says ‘no surprise’ Netflix CEO Reed Hastings gave $  3 million to fight Newsom recall


조 콘차: What it tells us is that these are unlimited donations, 피트, as far as Netflix is concerned.

And then what we have here is, in other words, if it’s a campaign, you can only donate so much. If it’s something along the lines of this, which is a ballot initiative, then these tech giants can donate as much as they’d like here in this effort. But it’s no surprise this is coming from Reed Hastings.

He’s with Netflix. Netflix is the same company that actually greenlighted a series called ‘Cuties.’ And I mean, you got to see this poster. It’s incredible. They sexualize young girls as young as 11 살이에요. So this is what Netflix is, 권리? And it just tells us what the swamp is as well, 권리? Where you have the powerful giving money to keep other people in power. And it’s an ultimate quid pro quo.

We saw during the Biden administration, 그런데, where you actually had administration officials actually take money from Google, from Amazon, from Facebook, and so on. And then many top executives from Google, 아마존, 페이스 북, Twitter go to work for the Biden administration, the revolving door. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

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