'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer' ends with a surprising goodbye

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorerended with a twist.

Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee, who starred on the 재부팅 of the reality dating show, selected their respective partners on the season finale Thursday, with the women finding out who is actually worth $ 10 Million and who is not.
McBee was down to Annie Jorgensen and Calah Jackson for his final dates. He had spent his day paddle boarding with Jorgensen and the evening cooking with Jackson. He chose to leave the show with Jackson, revealing to her that he really does have a lot of money.
    I was taught that if you work hard and take care of your loved ones, you will be a wealthy man. 그래서, in that way, I’m very wealthy. And in terms of actual moneyI have a lot of it,” McBee said, adding that money never played a role in how he felt about her.
      The big surprise came when Sowers did not choose Carolyn Moore, who viewers thought would be going home with him.
        “캐롤린, I think the passion we have for each other is unreal. You can’t make it up. But as much as I love having passion in my life, it has burned me in the past, truly. Keep getting the feeling that this will burn out. And you’ve got so much to think about in your life. 캐롤린, as much as this breaks my heart, my heart belongs to someone else. 죄송 해요, 캐롤린,” Sowers told her.
          Moore asked producersCan I go now?” calling his decision aa slap in the face.
            대신, Sowers told contestant Amanda Pace he had fallen love with her and gave her a promise ring. He also revealed he is not the millionaire.

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