Joey Jones calls US embargo on Cuba a 'pretty reasonable response'

JOEY JONES: At least we’ve moved on from ‘they are protesting and risking their lives because they don’t have enough vaccines’— which I think was the Administration’s narrative last week. I think the problem here is that it has become the trend on the Left, especially for those in the Squad and those who have really carved out their spot in fundraising and politics by just always pointing the finger back to the U.S. We are evil because we are prosperous. That’s essentially their message. We didn’t bring Castro into power. We actually backed the regime or the people in power that he overthrew. So, you can’t really blame us for the Castro regime coming into power. So, how do you blame us for the things they’ve done since they’ve been there like mass executions, inviting nuclear warheads from the Soviet Union into our backyard? I think an embargo is pretty reasonable response to that and I don’t know why we would term limit it as long as the same people are somewhat in charge there.


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