Joey Jones: Kabul attack a 'devastating' strategic effort to kill a lot of people

ジョーイ・ジョーンズ: I’m pretty upset. I’m mad. These are 10 サービスメンバー. And I was just speaking to a good friend and his brother is there insideinside Kabul at the airport. So I don’t know thatI don’t know for a fact that none of these 10 are people I don’t know. And that just really troubles me. I think something I wanted to come on and talk about was we were reporting this is a complex attack. And I just want to explain what that means. A complex ambush means that you use your first attack, whether it be a bomb or even gunfire, to either distract, distraught funnel your victim towards your second attack. And the reason why that’s important is that shows strategy and planning, it’s not haphazard. It isn’t someone just dropped a bomb to their chest and walked up that day because they were having a bad day. If this was a complex ambush, that means that this was designed specifically to kill the most people at a specific place, a specific time, and it shows planning and strategy. And that’sthat’s devastating because that means thatthat means that we’ve dog whistled and we’ve signaled and we’ve given people the opportunity to do just that. And that’s not how things like this should happen.

I want to know how many of us are killed, that their families notified that we’re going to take action to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I think the one thing we can say with certainty is maybe the Biden administration can understand negotiating with and trusting in the Taliban is no longer a viable option… Listen, I’m sad. I’m upset. I’m mad. And more than anything, I want the president, my commander in chief, to take actions to keep these men and women safe, to save Americans. And if you want to run away from this war, at least do it with all your people.