Juan Aylward, known for roles in 'ER' and 'West Wing,'muerto en 75

Juan Aylward, veterano actor de cine y televisión durante más de tres décadas, ha muerto, según su antiguo agente y amigo, mitchell k. talones.

Él era 75.
Aylward murió el lunes por causas naturales, Stubbs told CNN.
    He was a wonderful actor and a phenomenal human being,” Stubbs said.
      Alyward, a Seattle native, was best known for playing the stern but fair Dr. Donald Anspaugh on NBC’sERand Barry Goodwin onThe West Wing.
        Aylward graduated from the University of Washington School of Drama in 1971, de acuerdo con la school’s website. He worked mostly in theater for 15 years before moving onto work on the small and big screen, the site also says.
        Among his first credits is a recurring role onNorthern Exposure.Other work included roles on shows likeFamily Law,” “The Practice” y “Hombres Locos.”
          Aylward appeared in more than 70 episodes ofERover the show’s 15 estaciones. Through that, especially at the height of the show’s popularity, when it would regularly notch roughly 30 million viewers per week, Aylward became a highly recognizable face.
          In an interview with the Seattle Times around the time the show ended, Aylward describe the investment fans had in the show.
            When I was doingDeath of a Salesmanat ACT (en 1998), I was still appearing frequently on ‘ER,’ and it was right after the season in which Anspaugh’s son had died. It was a Monday (off-day for theater actors), and I was in the checkout line at the grocery store, and this woman came running up to me and said, ‘Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, I’ve been out of the countrywhat happened to your son?’ A’d I said, 'Oh, he died,'” Aylward told the newspaper. “The lady says ‘Oh, No!’ y yo dije, miembro del parlamento de Ucrania, we buried his ass last week!” and the girl checking out the groceries turned as white as a sheet, so I had to stop and say, ‘We’re talking about a TV show!’ I could tell she was thinking ‘Who is this heinous man who talks about the death of his kid like that.'
            Roles in the TV showsBriarpatch” y “El jugador estrella de segundo año podría convertirse en el primer mariscal de campo en ganar el ..” were among Alyward’s final credits.




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