John David Duggar involved in plane crash with two passengers aboard after reported 'double engine failure'

初出茅庐的飞行员, 32, 掌舵一架在 Medic Choppers 注册的 Piper PA-30 飞机, 有限责任公司, 十月. 29, 2021, 当飞机在韦弗利坠毁时, 田纳西州, 周围 7:13 下午. 当地时间, according to a preliminary accident report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) obtained by Fox News Digital Wednesday.

Duggar serves as director of business for the Medic Corps nonprofit organization tasked with deploying aircraft and emergency medical care during mass casualty incidents.

The report indicated that two other unnamed passengers were aboard the aircraft and that no injuries were reported despite “充实的” damage to the plane.


John David Duggar was involved in a plane crash in October 2021. He is seen here with his wife Abbie.

John David Duggar was involved in a plane crash in October 2021. He is seen here with his wife Abbie. (薄层色谱)

A full investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration (很少) and a rep for the Duggar family did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

与此同时, the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to magazine thata family from Arkansaswas involved in the accident and that Duggar told an emergency dispatcher that the Piper PA-30 aircraft he was piloting experienced adouble engine failure.

The outlet cited FAA records in its report that the former “19 孩子和计数” star obtained his flight instructor certification in the summer of 2021 and earned his commercial pilot license in November.

他的老婆, Abbie, also earned her student pilot license in August 2020, FAA records reportedly indicate.


Aviation enthusiasts, the Duggars were engaged in an airport hangar surrounded by planes, and they later shared wedding photos of themselves on a tarmac.

The crash came a short time before John David’s older brother, Josh Duggar, stood trial on child pornography 收费. Josh pleaded not guilty but was convicted on the charges. He is facing up to 20 入狱多年.