John James slams Michigan Senate opponent as ‘less than a speed bump’ on Demspath toward socialism

John James slams Michigan Senate opponent as ‘less than a speed bump’ on Dems' path toward socialism

它的. 加里·彼得斯, 我, is putting Michiganders on a path to socialism, his Republican opponent, 约翰·詹姆斯, 说星期四.

“People in the state of Michigan recognize that Gary Peters is all talk,” James told狐狸 & 友人.”

“They recognize that he says one thing and does another. They recognize that he talks about being moderate when really he votes with Chuck Schumer 95% of the time, which is a solid A as a New York senator, and votes with Bernie Sanders 85% of the time, which is a solid B as a socialist,” James said.

他加了: “That doesn’t represent Michigan.”

'紧张’ 密歇根州参议院的舒默花巨资帮助加里·彼得斯: 备忘录

詹姆士, 密歇根州参议院共和党候选人, 提高 $ 14 million in the third quarter and is withinstriking distanceof upsetting the incumbent 彼得斯, according to a campaign memo obtained by Fox News last week.

In a sign of the competitive race, the super PAC aligned with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer pumped $ 5.4 million into ad spending in Michigan last week alone to help bolster Peters, the memo authored by Jamescampaign also revealed.

Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC will spend $ 5.4 million in one weekthis is the most money they are spending on any Democrat in the entire nation,” 詹姆士’ general consultant, Stu Sandler, wrote in a confidential memo obtained by Fox News. “They are very nervous about John James, and they should be.

Sandler obtained the Democratsspending information from Jamesad buyers, 他说. The Senate Majority PAC, which is trying to flip the Senate blue, did not comment on the amount of spending in Michigan this week. But Democrats offered statements expressing confidence Peters will win the support from Michigan voters.

James said that throughout the course of world history, a centralized government that takes poweraway from the peoplecauses harm in the end.

“Senator Peters would be less than a speed bump against the leftist move toward anarchy and socialism,” James said.

We’ve already seen how that story plays out in Detroit when you let the leftist take over. We don’t need to go to Venezuela. You can see the opportunities leaving our schools, you can see the opportunity leaving our jobs and economic opportunity and Senator Peters has stood by and allowed this to happen … people in Michigan want to change.”

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