John McLaughlin: I media sono ancora gentili con Biden nonostante la calamità di Kabul


JOHN McLAUGHLIN on Biden’s approval: “Oh assolutamente, and it’s been it already started sliding in May and June because of the economy and people thought it was going to get worse instead of better for the first time all year and we found that out in our monthly polling, but I’ll tell you what we’re finding in focus groups is people do not think this is a withdrawal from Afghanistan people think this is a surrender. So this is like the media is still being kind to Biden and calling this a surrender because he’s still getting good coverage from a lot of the corporate leftwing media but let me tell you his numbers are taking a hit and 62% of the voters that we asked before he gave up Afghanistan think that he’s not going to finish the term. They think Kamala Harris is going to be president within four years. So they already had doubts about his stamina and capacity and his ability to just serve four years.

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