John Rich reveals what he learned from stars, athletes about success: ‘Kind of flies in the face of socialism’

John Rich reveals what he learned from stars, athletes about success: 'Kind of flies in the face of socialism'

Country music star John Rich is catching up with celebrities and friends at his Nashville home to reflect on their personal journeys and hear the real stories behind their success in their pursuit of the American dream.

The Fox Nation series “The Pursuit! with John Rich” provides a glimpse into the hurdles faced by stars, athletes and other familiar faces on their climb to the top. 

Rich said he launched the series “to remind Americans what we have in common, which is the right to pursue happiness.”

” Our country is so busted up right now,” he told “Fox & Friends” on Monday, “and everyone is so busted up about everything, I thought to myself, ‘Well, what do we still have in common even if I disagree with someone politically?’ What we still have in common is the right to pursue happiness, the right to chase the American dream.”


The latest season features unfiltered accounts from former NFL defensive end Jared Allen, international recording artist Damien Horne, and other prominent figures.

Allen divulged the personal struggles and setbacks during his 12-year pro career, during which he made the Pro Bowl five times and was a first-team All-Pro four times. Horne talked openly about his struggle with homelessness in Los Angeles, how he kept his faith and spirit of perseverance, and where he plans to go next.

“Someone that big, that talented, you would think it’s just an easy road for a guy like that,” Rich told “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade of Allen’s story. “It absolutely was not and what you find out, a parallel through all these stories, is that anybody that winds up succeeding at something, it is extremely difficult. There’s a lot of failure along the way.”

“This country doesn’t guarantee happiness, it guarantees you the right to pursue happiness,” Rich added, “and those are the people and stories that I seek out for this show.”


The show focuses on struggle and hard work leading to success, a premise that Rich said “kind of flies in the face of socialism.” 

“Socialism doesn’t incentivize anybody to try to strive or work hard, to try to achieve something bigger than themselves, it just says ‘Stay right where you’re at, go with the status quo.’ What we have in this country is the opposite,” Rich explained. ” It says ‘Hey, if you work hard, think big and [you’re] willing to fail a bunch of times, you might have a shot at something great.'”

“That,” Rich said, “is ‘The Pursuit’ in a nutshell.”

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