Johnny 'Joey' Jones: 싸울 가치가 있는 나라가 되어줘서 고마워

조니 '조이' 존스: 지금 이 나라에서 가장 시끄러운 두 부류의 사람들을 보면, 좌파에 진보주의자가 있고 그들의 생각은 희생자뿐만 아니라, but grievance. 알 잖아, they believe that our prosperity is a derivative of oppression, centuries of it, that they feel has never left. And then you look over to the Right, and they see corporations bending to the woke mob. They see what they see as CRT, they see all these types of ways that our culture, and what they believe to be what made this country prosperous, being attacked.

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