Jones: US Corporation's 'holier than thou pledges of generosity' to Black Americans are 'a bunch of bull'

LAWRENCE JONES: Mañana marca el 1 aniversario de la muerte de George Floyd. Y las semanas y meses que siguieron. American companies did their best to prove how woke and committed they were to promoting diversity and social justice. Corporations were promising money left and right after George Floyd’s death. 50 billion dollars, De hecho, was pledged to advancing racial equity in this country. That’s billion with a ‘B.Some of it was supposed to be donated to civil rights organizations, invested in communities of color or put to reimagining hiring practices at major corporations. Y ahora, Un año después, how much do you think was actually spent? Take a minute and guess. 80 por ciento? How about 50? 25? What if I told you that only half of 1%, 250 million dollars, was actually spent by these companies and support of Black life? I bet you think their holier than thou pledges of generosity was a bunch of bull.

Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure also opined on the concerns over Las vidas de los negros son importantes donation spending claiming the organization is asham,” “designed specifically to fleece the Black community.

MAJ TOURE: The support is dropping [for Black Lives Matter] because the people are following the money. A bunch of the money, Darren Seals told us before he was murdered, Black Lives Matter Incorporated is a sham organization designed specifically to fleece the Black community has nothing to do with improving the conditions of Black America …

We do work and firearm safety and suicide prevention and conflict resolution in Black communities for the last four years. We’ve raised $ 410,000, Da o toma, and I’ve been very transparent with the money. Can you imagine if I’m at conservative tables, can you imagine how they would have crucified me if I only spent a quarter of that $ 400,000, 25% of it on this stated purpose? No. It was a money-laundering scheme and a whole bunch of that money, don’t want to get anybody in trouble, but yes, hago. A whole bunch of that money was funneled to the Democratic Party and Joe Biden and his team’s whole scenario.


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