Josh Hawley blasts ‘collusion’ between National School Boards Association and Biden admin


JOSH HAWLEY: 好, I think we’ve learned a lot since the House questioning, and we had him saying under oath that the letter was the key aspect in getting the FBI involved. Now we know that the National School Boards Association says it shouldn’t have sent the letter. We also see in states all over the country, including Missouri, my home state, school boards are leaving the National School Board Association. They’re saying, “We don’t want to be part of this. They don’t speak for us. We don’t think parents are domestic terrorists.

So we’re going to need to hear from the AG why it is that the School Board Association says we repudiate the letter, shouldn’t have sent it. And yet he has done nothing to withdraw the memo, to change the memo. He’s still directing the FBI to get involved in local school boards. That’s just wrong.

It also goes to show you, that there’s a lot of collusion there between this school boards association at the national level and the Biden administration. And we know now because we’ve gotten emails from it that the Biden administration and the School Board Association, talked together before that letter came out. They worked on this together. It’s basically this interest group drove this policy, got the FBI involved in school board meetings and why? To intimidate parents. Garland ought to be 100% ashamed about that. It’s really disgraceful, and he’ll have to answer for it tomorrow.