Josh Hawley reveals plans to break up big corporate power: ‘No corporation’ should control politics

Hawley: No corporation should be so big and so powerful that it can control the political process, that it can override the will of the voters. And that’s exactly what today’s mega-corporations who’ve gotten big and fat with the help of government, what they’re trying to do.

So here’s what my plan would do. First of all, it would break up the big tech companies, make them spin-off their various parts. For instance, Amazon should not be able to have the dominant e-commerce platform and also control the cloud. It would break up the big corporations. No more mergers and acquisitions by the biggest companies in America, don’t allow the big banks to get any bigger. Tough new penalties for corporations that violate our trust laws and also a new ability for prosecutors to go after these trusts. And at the end of the day… a new focus for antitrust law, which is this — It ought to be about promoting competition. Freedom is protected when there’s competition, not when there’s monopoly.


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